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Producer, Assistant Director - I'm Fine 

A woman begrudgingly travels with her father to fulfill a wish from her mother. 

This film is still making its way through the festival ring, and most notably was awarded for its cinematography, and is a official selection from the New York Independent Cinema Awards.

SPeed Run.jpg

Producer, Assistant Director - Speed Run

Kyle, longing for a better life, can only express his true feelings in a newly developed VR game. Time to "Face Reality".

Proud to say this film, made in 2018, is still proving itself within the light of many independent film festivals. Most awarded for its screenplay and receiving acolytes as a short film. 

Currently Online

Production Manager, Editor, Gaffer, Sound Op - Linnea Sumner Makeup (Visual Art Piece)


A commercial-esque piece that involved the use of live makeup application and the collaboration of a musician to accompany the piece in post.

Producer, Locations Manager - Flowers Music Video


All My Sons, a new 70's soft rock band on the scene, run into trouble after following the advice of an antiquated societal norm.

This music video has been awarded and received acolytes as a music video in numerous film festivals that took place throughout 2019-2020.

Producer, Sound Op - Beyond Bone


When Kaycee, Damien, and Talya receive a macabre request from their mother, they must put aside their differences to make a timely decision.

Currently online at the production company Creative Capture's YouTube page.

Production Manager, Assistant Director - The Joy of Gardening


"Gardening has never been easier with Angus Green!" A novice gardener gets dubious advice from an instructional gardening CD.

Currently online at the production company Creative Capture's YouTube page.

Production Manager - Juno


A young woman visits a small town in search of something dark, only to find something light.

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